Albergue Puente

Albergue en Puente La Reina
A hostel for the pilgrims on their way to Santiago

An ancient building in the historical town of Puente la Reina just above the medieval wall

Take a break at a reasonable price without leaving the Camino
A 100 % authentic pilgrim experience

Are you coming Santiago? Don´t think it twice! This year you are!

In an awesome scenery with roman paths and roads, medieval bridges at the end of the 5th stage
Where will you plan to sleep in Puente la Reina?
Hostel Puente, in the historical part of the town of Puente la Reina

Without turning away from the Camino.

It´s a centrical, classical low-priced place.

Very clean and welcoming with a free and easy style

With comunal rooms shared with bunks or double rooms with individual beds.

We have got the best location in the centre of the hystorical city.

10 metres away from bars, restaurants and terraces where you can have a beer, glass of wine and a “pintxo”, our typical snacks.

20 metres away from both the church of Santiago and Calle Mayor (through our secret back door😉).

40 metres away from the drugstore, supermarket, bakery, bus stop, taxis…

50 metres away from the medieval bridge over the Arga, the river of the Camino which most photographs have been shoot: the starting point for the 6th stage.

As you see every thing is nearby, so near
So close.
No matter why or how you want to do the Camino
we want to make it easy for you:

If you come on foot:

We are 20 metres away from the church of Santiago on the Mayor Street.

Next to the Camino.

Perhaps you come by bike?:

We have got private parking for bikes. Get it ready and keep it at night.

No worries!

You may come by bus:

The bus stop from Pamplona, Estella, Logroño…is just in front of the hostel and you will find updated schedule information at the reception desk 😉

What are you going to find at the hostel Puente?

A very clean and comfortable bed awaiting you.

40 vacancies in comunal rooms with bunks or twin beds.

You choose!

Take a hot restorative shower!         

6 individual showers in a common room 24 hours round and soap is provides in the basins!

A total pleasure!

Communal rooms: a big dining room, a picnic área, outside furnishings, sitting room, book Exchange zone, board games, tv…

You can go your own way or share dinners, experiences, anecdotes and have a good laugh with other pilgrims.

We offer you a free service of a communal fully equipped kitchen where you will find all you need: ceramic hob with oven included, 2 fridges, 2 microwaves, toaster, pans…

Plus a coffee machine with coffee for free!

You sure have laundry to wash…

We have got 2 whashing machines (4€), 2 drying machines (4€) that will make the Camino easier for you. If you wish to hand wash you have a sink available for that.

Do you also prefer to dry your clothes in the open air? You can do so at the clothes line área( free of charge).

You have unlimited free wifi all through the premises.

We don´t want you to run out of data.

There are also some services which are not so essential but come in handy nontheless:

Do you wish to see them?

There is a big terrace in the open air with a fantastic view of the valley of Valdizarbe.
Enjoy some unforgettable sunsets!
And also:

All bed sites have individual plugs. Get fully charged!!

Pillow cases with all reservations ALWAYS!

Backpack transport service
Walk unencumbered!
What matters is whithin you!

We offer sheets, towels and eiderdowns on hire. Sheets: 2€. Towels: 0.5€. Eiderdowns: 2€.

Hair dryer (free)
Enjoy all this without having to carry it.

You will be fully assisted by our staff at the reception who are ready to help.

Tourist information:

Did you know that the wall at Puente la Reina is from the XII Century?.

albergue puente

Useful information:  

What time do buses stop by?

Ask whatever doubt you have. We are looking forward to helping you.

If the steep and challenging hight of Alto del Perdón has harmed your feet:

Recover yourself with a restorative massage which will ease the pain and prevent from future harms.

It´s perfect to get over the tiredness and feel like new.

Go for a dip:

From the 15 of to the 15 of September, have a refreshing experience in the public swimming pool, very near our hostel 2€ from 18:00.

The Camino invites you to enjoy both solitude and company, to enjoy the scenery , to walk at your own pace…therefore It´s important to always respect our timetable to ensure the guests´ good rest.

Please read it carefully:

  • Reception opening hours from 12:30 to 19:00

  • Be sure to arrive before 19:00. for we won´t take any pllgrims later tan that. We want to protect the rest of the pilgrims since they start their journey very early.

  • Yes, you can leave the hostel and come back later than 19:00 as long as you are respectful and keep the quiet and the rest of the other pilgrims.

  • Get up early and start your journey as early as you wish.

  • The checkout can be done until 8:30 a.m.

El camino te invita disfrutar de la compañía y de la soledad, a contemplar el paisaje y caminar a tu ritmo…  Es importante que respetes nuestros horarios para asegurar el descanso de los peregrinos alojados.

Por favor, léelo detenidamente:

  • Recepción está abierta de 12.30 a 19h
  • Asegúrate de llegar antes de las 19h.  Después de esta hora, no aceptamos nuevos peregrinos. Queremos proteger el descanso de los que se acuestan pronto y madrugan.
  • Si, puedes salir y volver más tarde de las 19h. Te daremos un código para entrar. Solo te pedimos que respetes el silencio y el descanso de los demás peregrinos.
  • Madruga y sal tan temprano como quieras. Nuestro desayuno está listo desde las 4:00h
  • Checkout: hasta las 8:30h

We are flexible and open minded but we have functioning rules:

  • Respect resting hours: don´t be noisy while getting to bed or getting up.
  • The light of the shared rooms is off at 20:00
  • Try your best to leave every thing as you would like to find it yourself
  • Dry your clothes in the drying maching or the place located for that purpose
  • Take care of the facilities as if they belonged to you.

We contribute to support a responsable and sustainable form of touris.:

We are concerned about the environtment and take actions to promote a more sustainable and respecful way of travelling with regards to both the surroundings and the pilgrims wellfare.

  • Take care of the environment.
  • Please don´t waste wáter or electricity. Now it´s the time to come back to consciencious consumption.
  • Leave your litter in the assigned waste recycling containers.
  • We are proud to have been given the “eco-pilgrim” emblem. We try to minimize the pilgrimace impact in the environment. Any action, produce or procces entails an effect which is more or less perpetual in time and we must take action now before it´s too late. Help us! Our electricity is generated by respecful means by a local cooperative.
  • We are a free from smoke place.

“Let the Camino impact you, not the other way round”

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What do our clients say:

A base de 219 reseñas
Victoria Hines
Victoria Hines
Great spot in a great location with great service. Beautiful terrace and fully stocked. The best albergue we've stayed in so far on the Camino (4th day).
emily fishel
emily fishel
Lovely porch area to relax after a long day of walking in the sun!!
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mustafa buhur
mustafa buhur
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